Container packing

We have a special packing system to allow us to triple pack and press pack the tyres into shipping containers, we charge extra for this service as you, the client, will save on shipping costs.

By choosing the double or tripling service the number of tyres to be transported can be doubled or tripled with the same shipping costs.

  • Single packed 40FT HC Container = 1300 tyres (no saving)
  • Double packed 40FT HC Container = 2200 tyres (saving 35% on shipping)
  • Triple packed 40FT HC Container = 2700 tyres (saving 50% on shipping)


Our tyres are sold on an EXW basis; this means that the client pays all costs of picking up the tyres from our warehouse and all of the freight costs to your door.

We are able to ship to most locations in the world, for a list of the countries we ship to on a regular basis please click here

  • Baltic states and Russia
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Far east
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle east
  • South America
  • USA
  • West Africa